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An old-fashioned phone call is the very best way to contact us and tell us about your project, and how we can help.


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Asheville's premier Audio Transfer specialist!

Located in western North Carolina, clients across the USA

send us their one-of-a-kind cherished recordings for transfer and restoration.

We transfer old recordings to digital, with noise reduction, enhanced clarity, precision editing & much more. We can deliver your finished project on CD, DVD or USB thumb-drive, on standard wav files or Mp3.

Analog to Digital Conversion

Analog to Digital Transfer of All Types

cassette tape to digital CD, wav or Mp3

 tape reels to digital CD, wav or Mp3

  DAT to digital CD, wav or Mp3

  LP to CD, wav or Mp3

Vinyl 45 rpm, 33.3 rpm, even Voice-O-Grams!

Spoken word, archival, early recordings, live concerts, war correspondence, historic recordings and more can all be transferred from early tape and vinyl recordings and enhanced with brilliance, clarity, balance  and definition for enhanced listening enjoyment. Travel back in time and re-visit the past, listening to people, places and times from your history.

  Acoustic Audio Transfer & Recording

             Asheville NC's Premier Audio Transfer Specialist

Dan Lewis - PHONE - 828-778-1726 (NO TEXTING) EMAIL -


If you have one-of-a-kind rare recordings of a deceased loved one, a rare music performance or other archival recording, you're looking for an expert and a friend you can trust, not some inexperienced hack who cranks out cheap fast outcomes. Unlike almost all other search results on the WEB, I am an audio engineer with over 40 years of experience; this is my life's work, and I take you and your project very seriously. You will be dealing personally with me, and I will treat your rare recording with care.

I have developed unique tools to deal with various problems ; often, the end result is amazing in comparison with the original recording.