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For almost 5 decades, all recordings of music, concerts, speeches, family archives and other information
were recorded on analog tape, reel to reel and cassette, then transferred to vinyl 33-1/3 rpm LP record.
 When digital recording became easier and affordable, the expensive and complex analog equipment was
discarded in favor of the new digital format. Meanwhile, what happens to those decades of valuable and
 sometimes one-of-a-kind analog recordings?

   Sadly, very little equipment remains to play these older recordings, and the recordings are in a
constant state of deterioration,some faster than others. All vinyl and tape recordings are friction-based
 mediums, and were played by either dragging the tape across a playback head or dragging a stylus needle
 through the vinyl LP grooves; each time the recording is played, friction wears away the original recording
 a little more. To further complicate matters, mold and mildew grow in the record grooves,collecting along
 with  dust and fingerprints; other vinyl LP and tape enemies are heat and humidity.

As time goes on and audio materials degrade, recordings can be lost forever.
If you have old recordings, it’s time to save them while we still can.

Audio Rescue is a service offered to literally rescue important recordings, transfer them to a digital
 format, restore those recordings with noise reduction and mastering techniques, then store the rescued
 audio to a more modern  and accessible format, the CD or compact disc. We also transfer larger projects to data DVD and USB thumb drive for easy computer access.

At Acoustic Audio, we transfer music from:

Vinyl 33-1/3 rpm LP,45 rpm & 78 rpm Records

Cassette tapes, micro-cassettes, DAT Digital Audio Tape, and reel-to-reel tapes on 4”, 7”and 10” reels

  at any speed. Broken cassettes can be repaired.

All forms of noise, hum, pops and clicks can be greatly reduced or entirely eliminated.

Recordings that are too quiet, faint or distant can be brought forward to greater clarity.

Audio mastering techniques can be used to enhance your recordings to better-than-original quality.

Once we rescue,restore and transfer your precious recordings to digital format, we can then provide
CD copies, wav or Mp3 files, even computer accessible files on DVD and USB thumb drives. With the convenience of digital, you can then enjoy your rare recordings anywhere, archive multiple back-up files for archival purposes and share copies with friends and family members.

Acoustic Audio specializes in preserving history with recordings; great music, live concerts,
spoken histories and family archives.We not only restore old recordings; we also record events,
 stories and spoken family histories, preserving these unique pieces of the past for future generations.

Some of our more interesting recording and restoration projects include:

Spoken histories back to 1897

family archives of 4 generations

deceased musicians who left behind their songs and music

World War II veteran memories

historic music performances of folk, blues,bluegrass, rock n' roll, opera and classic jazz and big band concerts.

Recordings are the most powerful way to preserve the past for the future and perhaps the most direct
link to your history and memories. At Acoustic Audio we rescue those precious memories and preserve
 them for the future.

                                                          Call and tell us about your old recordings!

Audio Rescue

An old-fashioned phone call is the very best way to contact us and tell us about your project, and how we can help.

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Dan Lewis - phone 828-778-1726  (no texting)  email - danlewis_music@yahoo.com