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Dan Lewis  phone 828-778-1726 (No Texting)
email -

  Acoustic Audio Transfer & Recording

             Asheville NC's Premier Audio Transfer Specialist

An old-fashioned phone call is the very best way to contact us and tell us about your project, and how we can help.

 Before you trust your one-of-a-kind recording to anyone, you're probably asking yourself,
                                      "How do they do it?" 

This gets a bit technical, but that's part of our business. Every audio project has it's own unique challenges; we've successfully completed thousands of different projects, so we're qualified by long

experience with countless challenges.
Your recording is carefully examined and assessed for condition,then cleaned and prepped as needed for optimum digital transfer.
For a 45 rpm, 33-1/3 rpm or 78 rpm disk, this means flooding the vinyl grooves and deep cleaning with a specially formulated solution to safely remove all dirt, dust, finger grease and even molds and mildew that often grows in the grooves of these old recordings. When the recording is absolutely clean again, the best transfer can then be made. Different needles or stylus are used, depending on the type and speed of the original disk.
    In the case of reel to reel tapes, many of these old reels suffer from excessive moisture issues due to a poor formulation of the middle "binder" layer on tape. This requires a process known as "tape baking" which is actually a slow and careful de-humidifying, allowing the binder layer to re-adhere to the tape and metal oxide layers, allowing a safe and healthy transfer to the digital domain.



    Cassette Tapes present their own set of challenges. While the tape inside does not need re-conditioning, the small wheels and tensioning pads inside often wear out, which can cause simple playback failure or even severe damage when the cassette player "eats" the tape. We keep a supply of "new" cassette cases, and regularly transfer the old tape into a new case to insure successful transfer.

Another common cassette issue is either tape breaking or leader failure, and the problem is again solved by transfer to a new case while repairing the breakage.

All reels and cassettes are also carefully fast forwarded and "repacked" before transfer to minimize the possibility of "wow and flutter".
        With a collection of carefully restored and calibrated record turntables and tape machines,
 we transfer your recordings into digital files in a computer workstation specifically designed for music recording and enhancement. The digital recordings can then be processed for noise reduction, and if desired, restored and enhanced by state-of-the-art software, enhancing the end results to make music listening a pleasure again!
We can then transfer your precious recordings to Audio CDs, DVD or USB thumb drive for computer access.
                                  We can restore one recording or entire collections.
     At Acoustic Audio, we treat every recording like a unique, rare and valuable archive of the past, because it usually is. Almost every recording we process is the only one that exists, and we are very aware of that responsibility. We are equipped to handle almost every tape and vinyl format, and able to restore and transfer your valuable recordings to most modern digital formats.

Digital noise reduction can  remove annoying noise problems that plague older recordings, and careful EQ adjustment can restore and even enhance old recordings to better-than-original quality.

Your old recordings can sound louder, closer and clearer than ever before; words become clear, and

instruments can be balanced and brightened. With over 30 years experience in music and recording, and a large collection of both classic analog audio gear and state-of-the- art digital audio equipment, we can help you save your unique audio memories, allow you to listen to your music on modern music systems and preserve your rare recordings for the future.
                                                            Call us for more information!